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Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in overcoming anger issues. Vera Peiffer, who has been in full-time practice as an analytical hypnotherapist since 1986, tells us of a case study:

“When she came to see me, Nicole (30) was about to get married to her boyfriend John. Her mother, who had moved into her own flat after living with Nicole for a year, kept ringing Nicole several times a day and came to visit several evenings a week.

Nicole had a full-time job and wanted to relax in the evenings. Instead, she got involved in long telephone conversations with her mother who depended on her daughter for social contact. Nicole felt resentful and angry about her mother’s constant demands and need for attention. She started smoking so much that it made her sick at times, but she was unable to give it up. The cigarettes were her reward for putting up with her mother and helped her keep the lid on her anger.

Nicole had originally come to me because she needed help with stopping smoking, but after taking her background history, we both decided that we needed to deal with the underlying problem of anger towards her mother. We worked through this in five sessions of analytical hypnotherapy, and at the end of her sessions, Nicole was able to speak to her mother and explain that they needed to reduce the visits and phone calls. While her mother was initially affronted by these demands, their relationship improved because Nicole was in a happier mood when she did speak to her mother.

Nicole had also stopped smoking altogether, even though we had not tackled this issue during her hypnotherapy sessions. Her greater sense of confidence had enabled her to stop by herself.”

Vera holds a degree in psychology, she previously worked from Harley Street and Surrey before moving to Chichester.

Vera is available at the Chichester Natural Health Centre on Thursday afternoons. The cost of an initial consultation is £40, and the hypnotherapy sessions are £70. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 01243 786946.

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