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“Why do I feel like I have hay fever all year round?” If you are asking yourself this question it could be that you have food and other intolerances. So you could actually benefit from having an allergy test.

We had some amazing feedback from one of our patients who came for an allergy test recently and they were happy for us to share this information:

Dear Gabriella,

When I first came to see you back in April, I was suffering from the effects of allergy reactions most days but didn’t really know what the triggers were. The symptoms were very much like that of hay fever – itching eyes, lots of sneezing and a constant streaming nose.  The mornings seemed to be the worse, but I was also getting similar symptoms in the evening.

I tried to resist taking antihistamine tablets, but sometimes I just had to give in and take them. As this need became more frequent I decided I needed to take another route and that is when I discovered you and your allergy testing.

As soon as I entered your practice I felt at ease and everyone I either spoke to or met were very friendly and professional.  

On our first meeting, you spent time asking me questions about my symptoms, lifestyle, diet, medical history and general wellbeing.  I found you were so easy to talk to, so very understanding.  You explained to me what the allergy testing involved, and I felt comfortable to go ahead with the testing.

The next appointment for the actual testing was very relaxing for me. I came in with the usual symptoms and was genuinely interested to know what the results would find.  There were a few indicators which led to your advice to cut out wheat and gluten and a few other food substances which I did straight away.  

Within two weeks my symptoms had abated considerably, and the attacks were lessened by half, I would say. This result was enough encouragement for me to continue with the advice and now I am two months further on and would say 95% symptom-free.

Being symptom-free like this has brought me much happiness. Happiness that I don’t spend most of my morning sneezing, sniffing, blowing my nose, feeling wiped out.  The results have been quite remarkable, and I am so grateful for your time, expertise and advice – so very glad I found you!

Thank you Gabriella

Kind regards


We are so pleased that Sarah is feeling so much better thanks to the allergy test performed by Gabriella Kispal, our Clinic Director.


We offer food allergy and intolerance testing Tuesdays through to Fridays, appointments are available from 7.30 am. The test is carried out using a Vega machine which is widely used throughout Germany, in GPs surgeries. The Vega machine enables us to quickly obtain information about intolerances which may not be considered in normal medical tests but could be responsible for many types of chronic illnesses or symptoms. 

The test is completely painless, (no needles are used), and is carried out with the patient lying down comfortably and fully clothed. We also test adults for vitamin deficiencies sing the same equipment. After the test in-depth advice and suggestions are given on dietary changes or ensuing needs for supplements or vitamins.

Both tests cost £180 and include a free follow up. The appointment lasts for approximately two hours. The results are given to you on the day of the test. For children, the test takes an hour and a half, as we do not normally need to check their vitamin levels. The cost of an allergy test for a child is £150.

If you would like to book in for the test or if you would just prefer a free assessment please call the clinic on 01243 786946 and we will be happy to help. 


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