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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient version of healing using universal energy. It is channelled by the practitioner to encourage the proper flow of energy through the recipient’s body and is known by many names including Chi, Ki, Prana, and Vital spirit. Ancient medicinal practices describe centers of energy throughout the body known as Chakras, and channels known as meridians, through which the energy runs. Mental, emotional or physical ‘dis-ease’ is thought to be due to blockages or imbalances in these and a Reiki treatment aims to unblock and rebalance these and harmonise the energy within us.


What is involved in a treatment?

In a typical treatment, the client lies down, fully clothed, on a treatment couch. Reiki energy is transferred through the practitioner’s hands which are placed in set positions. Each position is held for around 3-5 minutes. A full treatment usually lasts around 45 minutes. There is no pressure applied and no manipulation of tissues. The hands may be held above the body if the client so wishes.


What will I feel during a treatment?

People feel Reiki in different ways. Most often the energy is experienced as warmth but sometimes it can feel cold or as if there is a breeze. Many people feel mild tingling. Some people do not feel any physical sensation but describe mental or emotional changes, such as seeing colours or feeling a sense of calmness. Nearly everyone experiences a Reiki treatment as very relaxing.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will depend on the nature of the condition being treated. Many conditions may only require one treatment, chronic problems may need half a dozen sessions. This is decided between the practitioner and the client.

We are delighted to now offer this treatment at Chichester Natural Health Centre, with our qualified Practitioner, Emma Baynes. Appointments for Reiki are currently available on Monday and Thursday mornings. Please call 01243 786946 if you would like to book in.

Reiki treatments are complementary to other treatments and are suitable for almost everyone. Please contact Emma to check if you have any concerns prior to booking.



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