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How can hypnotherapy help low self-esteem? Vera Peiffer, who has been in full-time practice as an analytical hypnotherapist since 1986, tells us of a case study:

“Philippa’s problems started when she was learning to play the violin as a child. Her parents, unable to afford to buy a new instrument, gave Philippa her grandfather’s violin when the little girl said she wanted to learn to play.

Together with four other pupils, she started lessons after school but soon felt very unhappy. Her teacher gave his entire attention to another girl in the class while ignoring his other students. Philippa was struggling with learning to handle her violin and was getting no help from her teacher and finally gave up after half a year, feeling she would never be able to master the instrument.

In one of her hypnotherapy sessions, I made Philippa look at the old memory of her violin lessons like a film as if she were an adult outside observer, and while she was watching the old memory during hypnosis, she suddenly exclaimed, “The violin is far too big for the girl!”.  We had found the reason why she had been unable to learn the violin – her grandfather’s instrument was for an adult, not a child. The teacher should have noticed this straight away, so Philippa went into the film and told the teacher off.

This third of three sessions sorted out the problem and Philippa’s self-esteem was restored after all of those years.”

Vera is available at the Chichester Natural Health Centre on Thursday afternoons. The cost of an initial consultation is £40, and the hypnotherapy sessions are £70. If you would like to make an appointment please call 01243 786946.

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