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“Homeopathy offers a safe, effective and powerful method for treating ill-health by using natural medicine,” says experienced classical homeopathic practitioner Palak Shah.

Palak Shah has had an established private practice in India for eight years, and we are now delighted to welcome her to the Chichester Natural Health Centre. Her friendly and calm demeanour helps her patients to connect with her. Like all the practitioners at our clinic, Palak gives importance to the patient’s privacy and confidentiality, while treating them with the utmost care and compassion.

With an extensive understanding of homeopathy science, Palak has helped treat various acute and chronic diseases with these natural medicines. Palak’s specialisation is in Paediatrics, but she also has an interest in treating geriatric problems like prolonged pain due to arthritis. She has successfully helped many children overcome numerous diseases, such as recurrent common cold, allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, ear infections and febrile convulsions. Palak shows a keen interest in ADHD, autism and behavioural problems, she has an excellent record in helping children who have been diagnosed with these conditions.


“A good homeopath can obtain promising results with a wide range of conditions including asthma, eczema, M.E., migraines, psoriasis, fatigue, neuralgia, and injury. Digestive and kidney problems, psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, anger, panic attacks, depression, phobias, stress and eating disorders, can also be addressed well with homeopathy,” explains Palak.

So, what exactly is Homeopathy, and how does it work?

Homeopathy is defined by the ‘Law of Similars’. This ‘law’ states that any substance which induces a characteristic array of symptoms in a healthy volunteer, can also be used to cure a patient expressing the same characteristic pattern of symptoms.

Each patient provides a unique expression of any given disease, and it is this uniqueness that will determine which medicine is selected. Homeopathy is virtually unlimited in the range of diseases that can be treated because the practitioner is focussing on the patient.

In daily practice, time is given to the patient, or the parent for babies, to give their own unique account of the symptoms and issues affecting them. The homeopath is then guided by the patient to select just one remedy from the thousands of possible choices.

Palak Shah is a member of Homoeopathic Medical Association (HMA) UK, and Maharashtra Medical Council, India. Palak currently runs her clinic here with us at the Chichester Natural Health Centre on a Monday. The cost of an initial homeopathic consultation, which typically lasts for an hour and a half, is £75. The one-hour follow-up appointments are chargeable at £48.


Our Clinic Director, Gabriella Kispal happily offers free ten-minute assessments, to see if homeopathy or any of our other treatments can help you. All appointments can be booked by calling our reception team on 01243 786946, or if you’d prefer to make an enquiry via email our address is:

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