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Arthritis is just one of many disorders that can cause severe pain in the limbs and joints. In this article, we are talking specifically about arthritis and how acupuncture could be beneficial.

Pain in the limbs may be due to conditions arising in the joints of the arms and the legs. In some cases, it could be as a referred pain from the back or neck. Sometimes it might be a symptom of a more general disorder. The disorder may affect a single joint such as the knee, while in other cases, several joints such as the hips, wrist and toes may be affected.


Osteoarthritis is a common disease of the joints causing pain, inflammation and stiffness. It is thought to be caused by a disorder of the cartilage that covers the surface of the joint. Under normal circumstances, this stiff and well-lubricated cartilage enables smooth movement of the joint. However, the cartilage may soften and begin to break up into flakes, some of which can cause loose bodies in the joint. This causes the lining of the joint to swell with the excess fluid.  When the cartilage breaks up, the underlying bone becomes exposed, which causes the spasm. Stiffness occurs as the patient tries to protect the diseased joint.

The condition can occur for no particular reason or can be hereditary. When it’s brought on by other joint disorders such as injury or a deformity of the joint, it is known it is known as secondary arthritis.

Acupuncture can be effective at relieving the joint pain, particularly if the osteoarthritic symptoms are caused by misalignment of the joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a painful disorder that is characterised by the inflammation and sometimes deformity of the joints. RA particularly affects the fingers, wrists, knees and hips. The condition is known as an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues for no known reason. In this case, the synovial tissue lining the joints is attacked, causing inflammation. It can also affect the tendons and surrounding tissues, including the muscles and ligaments.

The most common early symptoms are stiffness in the joints of the fingers, hands or even the feet. In some cases, the condition may affect only one or two joints or, it may spread to almost all the joints in the body. Rheumatoid arthritis often occurs in middle-aged women but it can affect anyone including babies, young children and elderly people.

How can acupuncture help?

“Acupuncture can help promote health and wellbeing through the all the different stages of life,” explains Gabriella Kispal, qualified acupuncturist and clinical director of Chichester Natural Health Centre. “My youngest client was a three-month-old baby with colic and my oldest a gentleman in his nineties suffering from arthritis.”

Our acupuncturists Gabriella Kispal and Georgina Wise have successfully treated many patients for arthritic pain.

Acupuncture is an ancient Eastern therapy that has been used for thousands of years to improve general health. It can be used to treat a wide variety of complaints. Gabriella offers a free ten-minute consultation to explain about acupuncture and exactly how it could benefit you or someone in your family.

“We regard each person as an individual and give a very thorough consultation before planning a course of treatment.”

Gabriella and Georgie have a great working relationship. As well as both being members of the British Acupuncture Council, they are also sisters. Their unique bond makes patients feel comfortable in receiving treatments from either of them. Having two qualified acupuncture professionals at Chichester Natural Health Centre enables the acupuncture clinic to run five days a week.

Before embarking on the wonderful journey called acupuncture, it is important to check that your chosen therapist is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, you can do this easily by going to and entering your postcode. You can also find out more about acupuncture treatments on their site.

Where is Chichester Natural Health Centre?

Based near the centre of Chichester, our clinic is just a three-minute walk from Chichester train station. It is practically next door to the bus station too, making it perfect for commuters. Our clinic is on the ground floor so we are accessible for those who have limited mobility. We are open six days a week, Monday through to Saturday, offering a range of natural therapies. Acupuncture appointments are available at the clinic from 7.30am on selected days. We also offer early evening appointments to help those who work or have other commitments during the day.

There’s always a warm welcome for you at Chichester Natural Health Centre. So why not call in, or telephone ☎️ 01243 786946 to find out more.

Chichester Natural Health Centre, 5 City Business Centre, Basin Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8DU





In addition to our own material, some of the information in the text was obtained from Reader’s Digest ‘Health and Healing -The Natural Way’. Photographs are our own.

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