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Analytical hypnotherapy is also known as hypno-analysis. Its objective is to discover the underlying reason for a presenting symptom and, by working through the cause, making this symptom redundant. Vera Peiffer has been in full-time practice as an analytical hypnotherapist since 1986.

Analytical hypnotherapy is centered around the client’s memories and consequently requires the Chichester Natural Health Centre practitioner Vera Peiffer Analytical hypnotherapistclient to speak during hypnosis. While you are in hypnosis, your concentration is better and your powers of recall are much enhanced so that it becomes easier to access events that happened in the past. I can then help the client to work through the memories, using visualization and other techniques, so that they can allow the old memories to go back into the past where they belong, without hindering the client’s personal development any longer.”

Analytical Hypnotherapy helped Zoe’s fear of abandonment. Zoe (38) had had three major relationships in her life, none of which had been happy. She had never married because she had a great fear of being abandoned and an equally great fear of leaving a relationship herself.

Her first partner had been constantly unfaithful and they had frequent rows over his behaviour. Zoe felt suicidal but was ‘rescued’ by another man who helped her through the break-up and then became her new partner. But this relationship also turned sour, with her new partner trying to control everything she did. Again, rows ensued and the man finally left.

Zoe had a nervous breakdown which she overcame with medication, only to land in yet another relationship that also made her unhappy. Her third partner criticised her a lot and made her lose even more of her already damaged self-confidence. They rowed, he packed his bags, but every time he was about to leave, Zoe caved in and begged him to stay because she was terrified at the thought of being abandoned.

“In her hypnotherapy sessions, we found that Zoe’s fears went back to having been ill and left in hospital for two weeks when she was eighteen months old. She had been crying incessantly, and even a kindly nurse who picked her up frequently and not been able to comfort her. In another session, it also turned out that she had been treated in a very disrespectful way by her father when she was a child. He had constantly criticised her and put her down. Even though her mother was witness to these put-downs, she had never come to Zoe’s rescue so that Zoe ended up believing that she was a worthless person. We worked through all these issues until Zoe had built up her confidence and left her unsuitable partner. She has now found someone who respects her and treats her well.”

Vera is available for appointments on a Thursday at Chichester Natural Health Centre. If you would like to find out more, or to book in please call 01243 786946

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